One-to-One Guitar Tuition

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What’s kept me constantly evolving as a player is exposure to the influence of the vast and inexhaustible world of music out there – and not just guitar music.  So, to keep things interesting, I might introduce you to the music of different composers/players to help explain a particular technique or simply to broaden your horizons.

I can help you find your own voice after a full analysis of your playing – looking at what should be developed, identifying and rectifying any areas where your technique could be improved. We can also look at your guitar set up to make sure it allows you to play as well as possible, i.e. action, intonation, pickup height, string gauges etc.

We can also examine your sound – are you happy with it?  If not, if you’re an electric guitar player we can look at your pedals, if you use any, how they’re linked up and the way your amp is set.

We may even invite you to come along to a band rehearsal at our Leicester-based facility and play along with us so you can experience performing with professional standard musicians.