One-to-One Guitar Tuition

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Who are they aimed at? ...any guitarist who’s seriously committed to the instrument and developing their playing skill. You could be a young player keen to move on from the basics and learn new licks, progressions and different rhythmic playing techniques, or a mature player who’s perhaps got stuck in a a rut and wants to inject some freshness and vitality back into their playing.

What’s on offer? At the first meeting we’ll spend a bit of time seeing where you’re at now and where you’d like your playing to be and then plan how we can achieve that. And if, for example, you’ve got a burning desire to play blistering blues in the style of Joe Bonamassa, or the delicate fingerpicking style of James Taylor, then we’ll listen to those artistes and work out a lesson plan that includes signature elements of their playing style.

I offer tuition in the styles of • Classic and contemporary rock • Hard rock verging on metal • Blues guitar playing that won’t send everyone to sleep! • Funk style rhythm playing • Pop; from classic through to modern • Country fingerpicking for electric • Acoustic flatpicking and fingerstyle • Blues/jazz crossover

The lessons are structured according to the abilities and needs of students and concentrate upon the practicalities of playing guitar rather than theory. We'll use tab - a form of musical notation. If you’re not familiar with it, don’t worry – it really is dead straightforward - honest!