One-to-One Guitar Tuition

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Hello, and thank you for stopping by! I’m Tim Hacker and I’ve been seriously addicted to guitar playing for more years than I’m happy to admit to!  And over the decades (four, if you must know) I’ve acquired a range of playing skills which I’m delighted to be able to share with my students.  And when I’m not helping people improve and develop their playing, I perform and record with in a professional standard band on a regular basis – you can find more about them and listen to some of my playing here. There are also some sound files here showing you some of the different styles of playing you might be interested in.

I learned how to play the hard way – I taught myself, which whilst good in some ways, has made the journey a lot longer than it might have been if I’d hooked up with a good tutor.  I should say that I’m still making that journey – I’m constantly coming across new playing techniques and styles that keep me as passionate about the guitar as I was when I started out.

What I aim to do with my one-to-one guitar tutorials here in Hugglescote, near Coalville, is help players achieve their musical goals; whether that’s learning how to fingerpick, figuring out how to solo like their heroes or mastering the art of good solid rhythm playing.

Essentially I’m here to help you enjoy a more fulfilling and rewarding experience from playing the guitar.